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Fav SRMTHFG fan pics :D

Other films and stories too :)


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1. Tragedy of a Creature (Godzilla, 1998).
2. Star Crossed Lovers, No More. (Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare)

Stay tuned for more!
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  • Reading: The Hunger Games.
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Crashing through ships out of shores,
this kind of activity has become quite a bore.
Although finding land for my own little ones is a chore
this will be an exciting journey, Nevermore.

Through the oceans, thunders, and rain
I see a fisher running from me, in vain.
But what really transcends my pain
is the one pain that I cannot contain.

Carrying a pile of transportation on my spikes,
my clamorous roar inflicts the behavior of the beings with fright,
as my first step on land becomes all strong and might,
so do my footsteps as my curiosity ignites.

While stepping through the city, watching the miniature sized men
flee from my amazingly humongous height yet again
I leave a trail of destruction that would've scared everyone until the end.


Suddenly night arrives in time
smelling a scent that calls me to dinnertime.

As I walk the streets, my feelings become relieved,
I haven't had much fresh food to eat out in the sea.

But what really replenishes my confusion is a pile, not a dish,
but a pile that's really big with a bunch of fish.

Munching through the tender taste of seafood
I suddenly feel a presence of those who begin to intrude
my personal space are those humans who wish to be rude.

Their missiles and silver pellets hit me, but I duck
as everything from my perspective becomes amuck.
I already knew that my desire for privacy would bring bad luck,
so I decide to flee from my air pursuers who cause havoc.

Hiding behind a building, I stay all silent,
observing the three aircraft express poor movement.
Little do they know I have skills of a predator with plenty of improvement
taking down two of the spaceships leaving the last man standing to be self-reliant.
At last, I finish the last chopper that moves in a line so turbulent.


I pass through the buildings that remain untouched
my new found admiration of Central Park keeps me clutched
as the atmosphere in front of my eyes keeps me tough.

But alas, here come the same men who wish to get rid of me
I'm always the honey that attracts the hungry bees
without ages of hesitation, I let out a loud screech,
and alarmed as much, I flee once again as the military goes into a frenzy.

I stomp and sprint with most of my strength applied to dashing
across the flames, iron, and weaponry that keeps barking
I have no choice but to find a bridge to start leaping
finally reaching underwater, and still living.


Who lives inside of the shadows under the sea?
Not shark, fish, or even prairies,
no one but me, as a 60-85 meter beast.

I sense a new type of transportation that has located my position,
and here comes the battle stations of all seamen,
ready to lock on and fire at will with their cannons,
but what leaves me hectic and calm is my aggression
as I dodge the first two torpedoes I wish I obtained in my possession.

Eliminating the first submarine
I desperately try to escape before the humans clean,
Clean their planet of the beast, of this destructive machine.

But the last thing I feel is a hardened impact,
and I have zero time to react
as the missiles send me back on track,
a railroad track to the Hell of sidetrack.


I awake to the fiery but devastating outbursts of flames
where I let out a roar that signals I have returned instead of exclaims.

However, I am touched with a waterfall of sadness
as I descend my head to smell my babies who only remain breathless,
despite my efforts to revive them remain a failure so cankerous.

I look down to see four humans of a different kind,
revealing that the whole time my sight wasn't blind,
one of them responds that I appear angry, that's headlined-

And with a feeling of rage and vengeance 
my feelings of hunting down my prey with plenty of bliss
I suddenly, huff, puff, hiss
and finally release!

Pursuing the humans who are in a yellow taxi,
the driver must be like a monkey without a banana who's angry.
There's only a part of me that feels extremely chunky
I finally have something else warm to feast on like cookies.

Chasing them throughout the city,
I slip on the road one time from feeling dizzy
and like a bottle of liquid erupting, I get up and become fizzy,
as fizzy as a being attracted to ruby.


After an unsuccessful attempt to trap them in a tunnel,
I have a plan that can make the individuals responsible
for death of my younglings have a decline so fatal,
I finally catch them in my jaws as I emerge triumphal.

However, a jolt in my teeth is caused from a thousand stings
that make my large knife teeth start burning.

Releasing the vehicle from my mouth
I jump on the bridge and chase them up north, 
Henceforth, I will do whatever it takes to step up my endurance
to obtain more brilliance.

After many leaps and lands,
I get trapped in the cables that keep me down like quicksand
as I retort with a roar, "This is not the end!"

The last thing I feel on my sides
is a group of fast speed flights
who fire rockets like a mob of angry brides
I screech in pain as I helplessly cried.

Another set of shells hit me like waves
until I take one last view of the city before I lie my head on my grave
and exchange a change of heart glance with a man so brave
as I slowly feel the world around me fade...
References from one of my favorite movies, Godzilla (1998)

Just a poem citing Zilla's perspective when he arrives to New York City.

Godzilla 1998 - Sony (Tristar), Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin.

Also a birthday gift for one of my best buddies, :iconeilganreviewz:, hope you like it!
What's real?
What's not?
What's zeal?
What's forgotten?

What's traveling over the stars
while we tremble coldly in the dark?

What's happening to our memoirs
while we stopped running afar?

Where's our kind golden parts
that exhibited ourselves as true sweethearts?

Where's our time to feel
when we try our best to heal?

What is really surreal
and what is ordeal?

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
I miss you, Romeo!

I've gone solo
every time my heart beats so slow

With poison flowing down my throat
I do nothing but choke

And from that choke is not a stroke
but a question that is always evoked

What is love?
What is hate?
What isn't broke?
What is at stake?

Our former hero
is finally washed ashore
Romeo, a star-crossed lover
no more.
Star-Crossed Lovers, No More
References from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. 

What happens when Romeo is left alone without Juliet as his star-crossed lover overworries about him?

First attempt at trying to make a poem as deep as possible, but short and simple.

Check out my page for more movie reviews! I will upload when possible!


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1. Tragedy of a Creature (Godzilla, 1998).
2. Star Crossed Lovers, No More. (Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare)

Stay tuned for more!
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Anything Old School.
  • Reading: The Hunger Games.
  • Watching: Dumb and Dumber To, Mockingjay
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  • Drinking: Soda, baby!

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