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Fav SRMTHFG fan pics :D

Other films and stories too :)


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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Don't just think of Thanksgiving as a holiday or an event where Turkey and delicious food is present, remember it as a day where you express gratitude for everything valuable you have in life close to you. :)
Well, it's been 50 years since I lived inside this machine - a model resembling an animal that must have been created by a mysterious individual.

Little do I know, that somewhere in the abyss, it's not home to me. 

All I see is shadows that obscure my surroundings, and there is no light, but only a heart that beats. I can't see my own body, and there is not enough truth to this mystery.

I struggle against my will to bat my sight awake, but my mind has not enough willpower. So, I slowly put my mind into the focus of my eyes, and put in my energy.

"Open thy eyes. Open the curtains to your universe."

With just enough energy in my mind, a series of auroras shines before my eyes. 

Where have I been all along? What, during my sleep, have I missed?

What do the lights want with my corpse that moistens and awakens? Who is to be thanked for emerging from darkness?

With only one word in mind, see the truth in I. 

50 Years of Sleep
For those of you who have watched me for a very long time and know about one of my original characters while reading this, the poem should give you a hint at what the character is going through. 

If not, I'll tell you when the mystery is decoded.


SRMTHFG OC John, awakening from his sleep after being in amnesia for 50 years.
Spooky Skeletons, Gloomy with terror, malicious vampires, and the undead hither!

Twas the hours before the end of Halloween, but the darkness is here, receive your candy, but have no fear! 

(Happy Halloween, guys! Just thought I'd share a little fun poem of mine for today. ;)
Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself and say, "We're not in Kansas anymore."
Bitter be bitter,
Are you hither? 
For endless roads and hills
Thou cannot see the river.

The day is black, the tempers have silenced
Without thy warnings, the crowds are violent.

But emerged from underneath, left us in shock
The tremors from the sea, only one would hark
While the rest of us would meet our fates
And think to the gods we are corrupted, wait
But out the gate we are now disgraced.

Into oblivion, we take a trip
Down to where we see a ship
Belonging to one of the most holiest
And most respected men that walked this Earth
Years before the curse had awakened from birth.

What thy see remains obscure
But the presence of the ghost 
Keeps the flocks insecure 
Madness becomes our host
And we're now poisoned at most.

To the surface we scramble
We run from those who ramble
Like blood returning to the mind
And the dark leaving them blind
The city that sleeps now awakens to trampling. 

Now, dead I lie
Ooze and black crawl out of my eye
Coughing and falling ill
Ravenous with evil and still

The last heaven I look at is the crescent in the sky
Beautiful it is, the brightness is white.
And above out horizon, hath particles of light.

Plague me and you are doomed to fall
Below the street where I live under the god's thrall.
A last breath I take
Before my spirit leaves with the rest of the stake
That bursts into my heart and above all,

Faded the screams and terror
The corpse of who I once was
now consumed by thy weather.
My first attempt into writing a horror poem with Shakespearean language included. 

The story of a man who encounters a deadly virus from a mysterious ship in a secluded area is now infected with madness and infects his fellow citizens with the disease before he meets his own fate. 

Give me more suggestions on what I should do next for poetry!


Icon RQ: J-WOLFE15 by JohnTheRebelLeader
Icons, Digital, Basic, or colored.
Taken 3 - I really got tired of this franchise after the second movie. Nothing against Liam Neeson (great actor, dramatic and action), but just need to see him different roles.

American Sniper - Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper really did a good job with staying true to the book and also portraying the events in the movie.

Project Almanac - Literally wasted my money on this, and the whole movie was predictable to me. :/ Oh well, so much for ruining the surprise for myself.

Kingsman: The Secret Service - Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson were the highlights of this action thriller, along with some humorous moments and a great performance from newcomer Taron Egerton.

Furious 7 - Old school car chase movie with non stop action and a touching tribute and farewell to Paul Walker.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 - Neal McDonaugh was the only reason I watched this movie (great actor, great villain), but I wish I had my money back to see Unfriended instead.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - I really don't have so much to say, other than a decent performance from James Spader as Ultron and the moments that will make fanboys and fangirls explode with excitement over the cast. :)

Mad Max: Fury Road - One of the BEST movies I enjoyed this summer. I love the Mad Max franchise (never watched Beyond Thunderdome), and although I miss Mel Gibson as Max, Tom Hardy does phenomenal with this role, and I enjoyed the more action, little story added to this film.

Good Kill - Interesting premise, but felt it was the same as American Sniper. Ethan Hawke still does great as usual with acting. :)

San Andreas - Dwayne Johnson wasn't half bad, but should do movies where he can improve on his emotional range. But, this movie is still better than 2012. ;)

Jurassic World - Literally watched this in theaters twice, still had mixed thoughts after the second viewing.

Jupiter Ascending - Watched this on a plane back home, one of the worst movies I've seen - too much CGI, boring story, and Channing just, ugh.

Run All Night - Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman (doing really well in movies now), and Ed Harris do really well in this crime/drama thriller. :)

Get Hard - Literally died from laughter; Kevin Hart and Will Farrell have excellent chemistry in this movie I felt the need to watch it a second time.

Terminator: Genisys - Oh my God...well, I don't have much to say for this movie - I kind of prefer the old movies now, but with a twist that left me scratching my head as I left the movie theater.

This is all I have for now, but if I watch anything else in theaters, I'd be more than happy to give a longer review for each!
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